Scott Reeves
Creative Jazz Improvisation

  Creative Jazz Improvisation by Scott Reeves

Creative Jazz ImprovisationCreative Jazz Improvisation (Third Edition) 
By Scott Reeves 
Published by Prentice-Hall, Inc.

A Typical Chapter Contains:

  • A thorough explanation of one facet of jazz theory or rhythm 
  • Patterns and motives taken directly from the recordings of major artists 
  • Ear-training exercises and concepts for creative soloing 
  • A list of jazz compositions that make use of the relevant theory 
  • A transcribed solo by a master improvisor 

  • Features:

  • Chord Progressions for the patterns are keyed to play-along recordings 
  • Transcribed solos are keyed to the Smithsonian Collection of Jazz 
  • Solos are transposed and edited for all instruments 
  • The exercises in each chapter are arranged in order of increasing difficulty, to benefit musicians at any level of proficiency 

  • Topics Covered:

  • Part One: Creativity, How to Practice, How to Teach, and Rhythm 
  • Part Two: Whom to Listen to
  • Part Tree: The Modes in the Major Scale and Related Chord Progressions 
  • Part Four: Chord Substitutions and Forms 
  • Part Five: Diminished Modes, Whole-Tone Scales, and Melodic Minor Modes 
  • Part Six: Pentatonic Scales and Intervallic Improvisation 

  • Comments:

  • "I envy your organizational skills." 

  • -Ellis Marsalis, jazz pianist and educator 
  • "The transposition of classic solos and the patterns keyed to available records makes this an extremely practical approach to learning." 

  • -Jamey Aebersold, author, saxophonist, and educator 
  • "Finally, a text which brings part of the real jazz experience into the classroom." 

  • -Todd Coolman, bassist with James Moody, Horace Silver, Stan Getz
  • "A superlative work, intelligent, comprehensive and accessible. It is logical organized and theoretically correct...simply the finest text on the market."

  • -Henry Wolking, Director or Jazz Studies, University of Utah 
  • "By far the best improv text in the survey done by my graduate pedagogy class."

  • -Mike Steinel, Associate Professor, University of North Texas 
  • "It's very well researched, and logically put together. I especially like the transcribed solos to illustrate different points." 

  • -Steve Wiest, Director of Jazz Studies, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 
  • "The inclusion of motivic patterns and transcribed solos in each chapter and the thorough discussion of intervallic and free improvisation is available in no other improvisation method." 

  • -Paul DeMarinis, Director of Jazz Studies, Webster University 
  • "I believe anyone interested in developing jazz improvisational skills will be greatly impressed with Scott's book." 

  • -Buddy Baker, Professor, University of Northern Colorado

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