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Creative Jazz Improvisation



Creative Jazz Improvisation, Fourth Edition

ISBN:     9780131776395   Pub Date: July 21, 2006 Spiral-bound   320 pages Prentice Hall

ISBN: 9780131776395
Pub Date: July 21, 2006

320 pages
Prentice Hall

This well-organized book combines all of the techniques that jazz musicians practice into a comprehensive whole. It covers practice patterns and scales in all keys and tempos, transcribing solos of master improvisers, learning the jazz repertoire, and playing with other musicians. Chapter topics include how to practice, creatively improvise, and teach improvisation; major innovators; important contributors; women in jazz; chord substitutions; scales; and form. Each chapter also contains theory and ear exercises. Applicable to any instrument–or a classroom of varied instruments–this book is for jazz students and professionals at all levels of proficiency.

Creative Beginnings: An Introduction to Jazz Improvisation

ISBN:     9780133454635   Pub Date: December 12, 1996 Spiral-bound   310 pages Prentice Hall

ISBN: 9780133454635
Pub Date: December 12, 1996

310 pages
Prentice Hall

Motivating beginners to improvise from the start, this comprehensive approach to jazz improvisation offers discussions of jazz theory, exercises based on scales and chords, and jazz compositions suitable for classroom or ensemble performance to help develop facility in jazz improvisation. This complete approach to learning jazz improvisation discusses how a particular chord and scale are used in jazz improvisation; applies exercises based on that particular scale and chord, and; transposes materials for concert pitch treble clef, B-flat, E-flat and bass clef instruments, making it useable for a jazz ensemble as well as private instruction. Integrating inspirational quotes by major artists between each section to motivate readers and convey a deep truth about why we play music, it gives instruction on how to practice, how to construct an improvised solo, and how to tap into our creative potential, and provides an overview of who to listen to, with a short biography of selected major artists by instrument. The importance of rhythm and jazz articulations is discussed, and readers are provided with specific exercises to help them develop a jazz rhythmic concept. For professional musicians and music stores that employ private music teachers.


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